Conscious Foods is a project
that is born out of passion
and interest more than anything else.

Anyone even remotely interested in the fate of our planet knows by now that a more plant-based diet is vital for our environment.  I became more conscious of my diet, it became sort of a mystery to me why the quality of food offered by most businesses was so inferior to what I wanted. From restaurants to health-shops my disappointments were numerous. Why was it so hard to get the right olive oil, the right honey? Why were the chickpeas all so bland and so hard to cook? And why is it so damn expensive?


As time passed and life brought me knowledge it became clear that the way we produce our food, the way we treat our illnesses and our way of living is all interconnected and enormously flawed.


I am therefore playing my part on a side I understand. That is why you will find a selection of many products from different suppliers. Many of them have been handpicked personally through extensive search while others I have come across by chance. And some have been added because of public demand. But, contrary to many other similar businesses, I am not under any obligation to stick to a product or a brand. I am free like a bird.


Regardless of your style, whether it is appreciation for nature, farming, spirituality or for physical health. The truth is that we all meet at food.


You are welcome to contribute in any way you want. I am always open to recommendations on cool products, recipes, DIY projects and so on. Feel free to contact me by mail or come and meet me when I have my stands in the local markets around Luxembourg.
May all beings be happy.”