Buckwheat falafels

People are tired of me telling them how great buckwheat is. But I don’t care. I keep on experimenting with it and my latest invention is turning them into falafels.

Prep time: about 15 minutes. Yes, that’s it.

And of course this recipe is very versatile and you can adapt it as you wish.

My buckwheat is the type that is rolled out – meaning the seeds have been flatted and they look a lot like oat. That makes them super easy to cook.

In a bowl I fill it with the amount of buckwheat I want to go in my belly. Then I add some water and wait till it sucks it and becomes one homogenic mixture.

Then I add (all of the below is optional):

1 good spoonful of tahini,msalt, pepper, chia seeds, coriander seeds, a lot of cumin, chilli powder, any left-over scraps of cooked rice.

I make sure the consistency is right. Pick some up with a spoon and let it drop. If it drips, it’s too watery – add more buckwheat or flour until it drops like one big blop.

Heat up your cooking oil in high temp. Start dropping the blops one by one and watch as the oil turns them into balls of culinary heaven.

Serve with humus, mayonnaise, andalouse, barbecue sauce or whichever sauce you like!

Enjoy xxx