Popping Amaranth


Amaranth falls under the categories of pseudo-grains like quinoa. It’s highly nutritious and a lot cheaper. It’s packed with fibre, protein, magnesium and calcium. The only downside is that it can become slimy when boiled and it can be quite disgusting in its texture. In a porridge, a small amount will give it flavour and thickness that you need.

My favourite way of handling it is popping it like pop corn. It can last for days and can be added in your morning bowl of cereal or in the salad.

It’s super easy, but prepare to burn the first few batches 🙂



Some Amaranth


Set your stove in high temperature. Place the pan and let heat up.

Chuck a tablespoon of amaranth in the pan and cover with lid. The Amaranth will start popping very quickly.

Leave it pop for about ten seconds and remove the pan from the fire. Allow the popping to finish off and then remove it into a bowl. If it’s all burned then throw it away as it will not taste good. Adjust the heat and try again.

Repeat until the desired quantity of popped amaranth is reached.

Consume directly or place in a tight jar and store in a dark cool place.

Enjoy 🙂